PLH is a new copolyester, 100% biobased, used as a bioplastic or biomaterial.


Our technology in polymer synthesis has allowed us to develop a new 100% biobased and biocompatible bioplastic to be used in many industrial sectors as a substrate. Being able to customize its physical properties based on its molecular chain, without the need for subsequent mixtures, greatly reducing production costs.

Naturally, our PLH is 300% more flexible than bioplastics on the market without using any mixture, retaining much of its transparency and physical properties to be used in extrusion machines on the market.

Quality of our bioplastics PLH

Zero Microplastics:
PLH completely biodegrades without generating microplastics or any negative impact on the soil.

All our biomaterials and bioplastics are developed from renewable sources.
Our company controls the entire development process of our biomaterials in its entirety, without the need for third parties.We can even develop our main raw material, plastic acid, from vegetable or dairy organic waste.

Our technological model is based on 3 pillars; molecular technology, green chemistry and Artificial Intelligence. Green chemistry, already satisfactorily validated years ago by different industries, allows us to give a guarantee of industrial scaling to our products, also providing confidence in the final quality of the bioplastic.

Our bioplastic has extreme purity, which allows its use in the cutting-edge sector of regenerative biomedicine. It has been successfully validated for the regeneration of human tissues in its toxicity, proliferation and cell adhesion. It is currently used for bone, cartilage, tendon and nerve regeneration trials.

We provide improvements in:

  • Degradation time control according to the need of the final product
  • Improvement in strength, stiffness or flexibility
  • Improvement fire retardant property
  • Improved ability to be transformed by injection, blown extrusion or 3D Printing.
  • Improvement in hydrophobic or gas barrier properties
  • Improvements in thermal or conductive properties


Bioplastics and biomaterials for agriculture without microplastics

Soil regeneration and integrated fight

Tailor-made biodegradation
Our bioplastics can have programmed biodegradation according to the needs of the crop. Between 2 to 48 months.

It stands out for its properties in:

  • Biocompatible
  • Tailor-made biodegradation
  • Controlled release of bioactives
  • Soil microbiota stimulation


Currently, thanks to our ability to modify and adapt the molecular conditions of our bioplastic, we can offer it in different formats; in granulated format, in powder, as a hydrogel or as an injectable, by modifying its structure and molecular weight.

This allows us to offer our bioplastic as a substrate in multiple sectors, with a very transversal use. But due to its high purity it can be very competitive in sectors where human, animal or plant health are of interest in relation to plastics.

Our technology also allows us to encapsulate bioactives or molecules of value to intelligently release them at the specific moment to provide functional value. We can control the degradation time in months or years, being able to bio/degrade under controlled conditions in treatment plants or chemically recycle it.

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