DAN*NA (Artificial Nature S.L.) is a bioengineering company founded in Barcelona, 2017. Created with the objective of improving and promoting bio-based materials, developing new biomaterials and bioplastics as a clear sustainable alternative to the technological evolution of our society. We provide solutions adapted to the challenges of new technologies, through materials engineering, for sectors such as mobility electronics or regenerative medicine (tissue engineering). From organic waste we obtain our raw material which are transformed using molecular technology, green chemistry processes and Artificial Intelligence into a high added value bioplastic. Our development being a model in efficiency and sustainability.

Our facilities are located in the PCB (Barcelona Science Park), we also develop our R&D work in the UPC laboratory (Polytechnic University of Barcelona), 500m from our facilities, where DAN*NA and UPC have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of new biomaterials. DAN*NA is registered as a trademark in all countries of the European Union, being able to develop its services directly or delegated throughout the European territory. During 2019 she was certified as an Innovative SME by the Spanish government (Ministry of Research, Innovation and Universities), in recognition of her work in R&D.

We have a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, with more than 20 years of experience in research on polymers and biopolymers and in the management of large international projects. Our values ​​focus on sustainable evolution, driving the development of new technologies towards a sustainable and respectful model of the planet’s ecosystem, replacing unsustainable materials such as petroleum-derived plastics with sustainable, biodegradable and functional materials. We believe that the new materials sector has much to contribute to our immediate future, responding and providing solutions to the new challenges that new technologies will bring to society.

  • 2021: New Department of Digitization (DAN4.0)
  • 2020: 3 new departments are created: Finance, Operations and Projects.
  • 2019: DAN*NA acquires the Bioplasticos.com portal as a platform to boost and promote the bioplastic and circular economy sector.
  • 2018: DAN*NA and the UPC sign a 3-year collaboration, funded by the company for the development of a new biomaterial.
  • 2017: Foundation Artificial Nature S.L.U represented by the trademark DAN*NA.

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