DAN*NA & AKIRA Science: a synergistic collaboration to establish the next generation of smart and degradable biomaterials and advance the biomedical field

“The common goal is to expand the product portfolio of both companies “

AKIRA Science and DAN*NA signed a commercial collaboration agreement for the joint representation of their biomaterials for the biomedical sector initially for the Swedish and Spanish markets and with the vision of expanding to other European countries.

Through this collaboration, the two companies aim to establish the commercialization and production of the next generation of biomaterials that are customized, among others, for the fields of tissue engineering, additive manufacturing, mobility electronics and/or cosmetics. The long-term vision of AKIRA Science and DAN*NA is to develop new materials and provide new services, in an innovative way to create environments to streamline the processing of high-scale degradable polymers. 🤝🔬