DAN*NA has been certified as Innovative SME by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. In recognition of the excellent work done by our R&D team on bioplastics and sustainability. This recognition drives us to continue working hard so that our bioplastics reach the market.

This certificate is granted to those companies that meet innovative requirements, putting them in value and favoring their identification, development and sustainability to become a stable and generating source of new jobs. The distinction, regulated in order ECC / 1087/2015 of June 5, is granted to those SMEs that comply with some of the conditions established by said order under the heading «Scope of application». He orders them in three sections:

a) companies that have received public financing in the last three years, without having been revoked due to incorrect or insufficient execution of the financed activity.
b) companies that have demonstrated their innovative nature, through their own activity.
c) companies that have demonstrated their capacity for innovation through an official certification.

DAN*NA complies with section b)

DAN*NA was created in 2017 to boost sustainability by developing new bioplastics obtained from plant or animal waste.