BIOCON-CO2 is an EU Horizon 2020-funded research project which aims to develop and validate a versatile suite of techniques using biological processes to re-use carbon dioxide (CO2) from the iron, steel, cement and electric power industries to produce value-added chemicals and plastics.
Budget: 6,9€ millions
Consortium: 18 partners in 9 countries
Duration: January 2018 – December 2021 (48 months)
Programme: HORIZON 2020 (BIOTEC-05-2017)

L3GO: Development of bio-based polymer blends and copolyesters with advanced properties for biomedical application.
Programme: Industrial Doctorate (UPC-AGAUR-DAN*NA)
Duration: 2018-2021

PLA-MAR: Development of a new bioplastics with biodegradation capabilities in the ocean.
Programme: Programa Torres Quevedo 2019
Duration: 2019-2022

R.O.B: Screening and identification of PHA producing bacteria from the different organic waste in the Catalan industry, such as fats, plant debris, feces, sugars, etc..
Programme: GENCAT: TES/ARC BDNS 398386
Duration: 2018-2020