R&D Services

Custom design of biomaterials and bioplastics. Study, development and scaling to production of new bioplastics and biomaterials. We bring new solutions to the functional challenges of materials in the technology sector, respecting sustainability throughout its life cycle. Assessing the viability and return on investment prior to the start of the project.


We develop and produce new biomaterials with high added value for the health sector. In solid format or as hydrogels to be used as substrates for tissue regeneration of bone, cartilage and tendon. Also suitable for bioinks or injectables for the cosmetic or medical sector. Our products are 100% bio-based and biocompatible.


Our technological patent allows us to functionalize from the molecular chain, without using mixtures, the PLH bioplastic to adapt it to the needs of any sector. Such as flexible electronics, agriculture, the packaging sector, the additive industry (3D printing), the food sector, textiles, the automotive industry, toys, smartphones, robotics, drones and industrial equipment.

Circular Economy

Our raw material is obtained from renewable sources, such as lactic acid, which we can acquire on the market at an industrial level or through the recovery of organic vegetable or dairy waste. We can control the degradation in time and conditions, to be biodegraded, recycled or bioabsorbed. As an impact company, we control the entire life cycle of our products (LCA and LCC). We have 2 income statements; the economic and the impact.


Supplier of high-tech biomaterials and bioplastics

DAN*NA is a bioengineering company dedicated to the study and development of new biomaterials and bioplastics to be industrialized, providing the technical solutions to solve the challenges of cutting-edge technology.

Our work is done with 100% sustainable bio-based materials.


Our company is certified as an Innovative SME by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain, in recognition of its high technological level. DAN*NA is accredited as an Environmental and Social Impact Company by the SHIP2B Foundation, and has a dedicated professional team of Doctors and Engineers with over 20 years of experience and over 100 publications combined.

Facilities and equipment

The DAN*NA development facilities are located in the Barcelona Science Park, one of Europe’s model ecosystems in research, with all kinds of analysis equipment, GMP rooms, culture rooms, etc.


We believe in a sustainable technological evolution, for that reason our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable technological materials.

That is why we dedicate all the benefits of the company to the investigation of new biological-based materials, to be used in the cutting-edge technology sector, with social impact. Like the regeneration of human tissues or the electronics of mobility.
We can do and improve things substantially, providing an improvement and a future for our society. We only work with 100% sustainable and functional materials.

We are a company oriented to new technologies with a renovating spirit.

Our Customers

They are those who share our values and seek a smarter and better way of doing business. Those who bet on biomaterials or bioplastics as the best sustainable solution for their final products or production.

We currently work in the following sectors:

  • Biomedical: tissue regeneration
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Additive industry (3D printing)
  • Electronics: Bio/sensors
  • Biorobotics
  • Circular economy: Companies that generate vegetable or animal organic waste, with the potential to be transformed into a valuable by-product.


Parc Científic Barcelona
C/Baldiri Reixac, 10
Te. +34 93 5142218