Synthetic biomaterials

For the regeneration of human tissues and organs

Regenerative biomedicine

Our biomaterials are used as substrates for the controlled release of bioactives, as absorbable bioimplants or biocompatible support for tissue regeneration.


PLH is used as a substrate or excipient, biocompatible and bioabsorbable, to improve texture or release natural bioactives to improve health and user experience in cosmetic products.

Single-use accessories.

Our high molecular weight PLH acts as a bioplastic, biocompatible to be used as a plastic substrate for single-use devices.

Pioneering the materials of tomorrow

Biomaterials to protect, repair and improve all types of biology

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PLH, a unique bio-based additive in cosmetic formulations, enhances the texture and durability of beauty products, while in packaging it provides biodegradable options (ISO 14851), fusing luxury with sustainability for an exceptional user experience.

Biocompatible and bioabsorbable PLH advances regenerative medicine through its use in tissue healing and regeneration, as well as providing biocompatible alternatives for implants and prostheses.

PLH catalyzes research innovation in a transversal way in a multitude of sectors, from advanced studies in biopolymers to interdisciplinary collaborations in synthetic biology and materials engineering.


The PLH offers a range of incredible possibilities in the field of cosmetics, especially in areas where sustainability and biocompatibility are of increasing importance to consumers.

Release of bioactives

PLH as an additive of high ecological value in formulations, offers high potential in cosmetics to improve high quality creams and lotions, anti-aging products, long-lasting makeup, ecological sunscreens, hair treatments, sensitive skin care and cosmetic lines focused on sustainability and improving the user experience.

Plastic replacement

PLH, being biobased and biodegradable at a controlled time to guarantee the life of use of the product, is ideal for creating sustainable cosmetic packaging. It offers an ecological solution in the ecological transition and attracting environmentally conscious consumers, especially in markets where ecological responsibility is a key added value. ISO 14851

Other uses:

  • Formulation of Creams and Lotions: Due to its biocompatibility and natural properties, PLH is an excellent vehicle for creams and lotions. It can help improve the texture and feel of the skin, providing a more luxurious and high-quality user experience.
  • Anti-Aging Products: PLH can be used in anti-aging products, where its biodegradability ensures less accumulation of chemical residues in the skin. It can also be used as a carrier and releaser of bioactives during their absorption or biodegradation.
  • Ecological Sunscreens: Being biodegradable, PLH would be an excellent option to formulate more ecological sunscreens. This is particularly valuable given the environmental impact of conventional sunscreens.
  • Hair Care Products: In hair care, PLH can be used as an additive to formulate conditioning treatments, hair masks and other products requiring improved moisture retention and a luxurious feel.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Beyond formulations, high molecular weight PLH can be used as a conventional bioplastic to create biobased and/or biodegradable packaging for cosmetic products, helping to convey a clear message to brands in their positioning to reduce the environmental impact of the industry.


Our PLH biomaterial can be used as a substrate for the release of bioactives or as a carrier of stem cells for implants. Accelerating recovery and minimizing pain with bioabsorbable and biocompatible solutions.

Bone regeneration

The PLH, as a scaffold, has been validated pre-clinically under the positive supervision of the AEMPS/EMA, as a biomaterial in bone healing and regeneration, releasing bioactives to accelerate recovery and reduce patient pain. As an implant, bioabsorbable in 18 months, it offers revolutionary biocompatible integration in regenerative treatments.

Cartilage regeneration

PLH can be used as a substrate for bioinks carrying stem cells for tissue regeneration. It revolutionizes cartilage restoration through the controlled release of bioactives, speeding up recovery and minimizing patient pain. This innovative material, biocompatible and absorbable in 18 months, redefines the approach in regenerative treatments for cartilage injuries.

Other uses:

  • Pharmaceutical Applications: In drug delivery systems, using PLH for controlled release of medications, improving efficacy and reducing side effects. For developing biodegradable and non-toxic pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Wound Healing: In advanced wound dressings, aiding in faster and more effective healing of skin and tissue injuries. For sutures and surgical meshes that are biocompatible and dissolve safely in the body.
  • Veterinary Medicine: In treatments and surgical applications for animals, providing safer and more natural alternatives to traditional materials. For creating biodegradable pet care products, aligning with environmental sustainability.
  • Medical Devices: In the development of disposable medical equipment that is more eco-friendly and reduces hospital waste. For biodegradable containers and wrappings for medical supplies. Our PLH in high molecular weight format can be used in electronic devices, or as a substrate in single-use supplements for blisters, providing a biocompatible bioplastic that lasts during the use cycle of the device, preserving its mechanical properties and degree of sustainability. contact us.

Our dream

Our vision of the future

We envision a world where advanced biomaterials like PLH are accessible to everyone, heralding a new era in healthcare. Our dream is to dramatically reduce recovery times, eliminate the need for repeat surgeries, significantly lessen pain, and substantially enhance the quality and longevity of life in our society.

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