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DAN*NA is a bioengineering company focused on the development and production of new biomaterials

To responding to cutting-edge technological challenges

Pioneering the materials of tomorrow

Supplier of high-tech biomaterials and bioplastics

Our globally patented PLH copolyester represents the direct sustainable alternative to polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

Our work is powered by with 100% bio-based materials


DAN*NA (Artificial Nature S.L.), established in Barcelona in 2017, is a pioneering bioengineering company focused on bio-based materials, particularly biomaterials and bioplastics. The company was granted a world patent in 2023 for a new biobased copolyester named PLH, a direct alternative to polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), contributing significantly to technological advancement in society. Utilizing renewable sources, DAN*NA integrates molecular technology, green chemistry, and artificial intelligence to produce sustainable, high-value materials. These materials have multifunctional capabilities and controlled biodegradation ranging from 4 weeks to several years, suitable for applications in sectors such as agriculture, health, and electronics.

DAN*NA’s headquarters and laboratory are located in the Barcelona Science Park, a renowned hub hosting over 100 leading companies in cutting-edge research and global leadership.

The DAN*NA team, multicultural and multidisciplinary, holds over two decades of experience in polymer and biopolymer research, as well as in managing large international projects. Comprising doctors in organic chemistry, microelectronics, chemical engineering, and computer science, the team is dedicated to the sustainable evolution of our technology, aiming to introduce new, economically competitive sustainable materials to the market.

The Spanish government has certified DAN*NA as an Innovative SME in recognition of its R&D efforts. In 2020, the SHIP2B Foundation awarded it the impact business seal for its environmental and social impact. Further, in 2021, DAN*NA was ranked among the top 5 global startups in sustainable plastics development.


Lead the world’s transition to sustainable materials


Lead the synthetic polymers market.

Our technology

The integration of our three technologies focuses on developing new materials with the functions of PROTECTING, REPAIRING, and IMPROVING all types of biology, particularly human biology.

Molecular engineering

We engineer tailored molecular chain structures, strategically shaping the final material to effectively meet and overcome market challenges.

Green chemistry

Aligned with the 12 principles of green chemistry, our poduction process  avoids using elements that are harmful to the environment or human health


We use digitalization to bring our bioeconomy-based model to life, simulating more efficient and economically viable models for our market.

Patent: Our 2023 global patent on the innovative biobased copolyester PLH is now available for licensing.   Contact us

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