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DAN*NA was born with the aim of transforming the world towards a better, sustainable, healthy and fully expanding world towards new horizons. Through sustainable technology, where bio-based materials and A.I have a relevant role in the future of humanity, we want to be the main actors in this venture. Currently the company dedicates all its efforts in the field of research and in the market, with a renewal spirit.

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Lead the world’s transition to sustainable materials.


Lead the synthetic polymers market.
Regenerate agricultural soils and improve human biology in regenerative biomedicine.

Market B2B

TAM: € 522.000 M, SAM: € 100.000 M, SOM: € 1.500 M

Our impact

CO2 reduction (kg)


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Competitive price

PLH copolyester redefines affordability in the biodegradable polymer market, offering prices 65% more competitive, thanks to our comprehensive production control. This includes efficient sourcing, manufacturing, and a robust recycling process. Our integrated approach ensures superior quality and cost-effectiveness.

Production control

Our company fully manages the product lifecycle, from creating raw materials to recycling our PLH, ensuring self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship. This autonomy in production and recycling emphasizes our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, while eliminating reliance on external sources and enhancing our operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.


PLH copolyester has a very transversal use, it is destined to transform industries such as packaging, textiles, automotive, agriculture, cosmetics, biomedicine, etc. Stands out with its unique molecular structure featuring a free double bond. This allows for direct functionalization during production, streamlining the manufacturing process and cutting down on additional mixing and related costs.

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