• World Patent Granted (New PLH copolyester)
  • First corporate client: REPSOL
  • Japan: Winners of the KGAP+ accelerator (Japanese industrial sector)
  • Winner of an AEI project, PLH for the textile sector: Biocel
  • Winner of a project from the Catalan Waste Agency, PLH with Lignin: AgroSoStec
  • Collaboration contract with IDIBELL: Hospital Bellvitge
  • European patent granted (New PLH copolyester)
  • Winner of an ICEX NEXT
  • New digital platform blockchain
  • SIR by Raorsa Award: Circular Economy and recycling
  • DAN*NA in the Top 5 in the world of Startups that develop sustainable plastic
  • First commercial office in Madrid
  • Winner for the BCN Health Booster
  • Certified as an environmental and social impact company by the SHIP2B Foundation
  • Laboratories: New facilities in the Barcelona Science Park
  • COVID-19 pandemic (Digitization of the company, new DAN4.0 unit)
  • MISIONES-CDTI project winner (Bioprintia, Vall d’Hebron Hospital)
  • Winner of European project H2002 CATCO2NVERS
  • Winner for the SHIP2B Environmental and Social Impact accelerator
  • DAN*NA acquires the Bioplasticos.com portal
  • Winner of a NEOTEC-CDTI project
  • Certification as an Innovative SME by the Spanish government
  • Winner Torres Quevedo Program (Bioplastic agriculture)
  • Winner of European project H2002 BIOCON-CO2
  • Winner Torres Quevedo Program (Marine Bioplastic)
  • Catalunya Waste Agency project winner
  • Agreement with UPC – Development of a new Biomaterial for bone regeneration
  • Start of operations Artificial Nature S.L (DAN*NA)

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